Sharoni Sen’s Album Launch – In Search of You

The City of Joy witnessed the album launch of Sharoni Sen's Gaan Diye Je Tomay Khunji: In Search of You - A Collection of Tagore songs close to the heart.


The album has been presented by Batch 99 and Nirjharer Swapna. Present at the event were Aparna Sen and Rabindrasangeet exponent Pramita Mallick. This is Sharoni’s first solo music album and the songs in it are varied in content; while some bear a strain of nostalgia and the pain of separation, others are purely spiritual and speak of the sublime.

Speaking at the launch, Sharoni thanked everyone who had supported her in her album. The singer went on to add, “My grandmother Sunanda Dasgupta was my mentor for my music when I was a little girl. The album is a tribute to my grandmother and emulates the style of singing that she would have loved to hear. It is very traditional in its sensibilities.”

Pramita Mallick said, “I am very happy that Sharoni has brought out the album as a tribute to her grandmother. Of the two songs that I have heard, I loved her style of singing which is like the traditional Santiniketan style of singing. I wish her all the best for all her future endeavours.”

Aparna Sen who also graced the event went on to say, “I was in search of a music trainer for Shabana Azmi for my upcoming film Sonata. A relative of mine referred to Sharoni as a possible teacher and Shabana still swears by her saying that she is one of the most intelligent teachers she has ever met. Shabana was jittery till the very end and it was Sharoni who gave her the confidence to record her voice. Shabana sang two very difficult Rabindra Sangeet. One is Aji Jhore Raate and the other, Sukhe Aandhare Ekela Ghore.”

Sharoni added, “If you see the film you will see how wonderfully Shabana has sang the song considering how little time we had to prepare for it, but her rendition is beautiful.”

About the album “In Search of You”

This is Sharoni’s first solo music album – an album dedicated to her first musical mentor – her grandmother – whom she seeks through her favourite Tagore songs. They are varied in content; while some bear a strain of nostalgia and the pain of separation, others are purely spiritual and speak of the sublime. Into all the renditions, Sharoni has poured her voice, deeply drawing on emotions she imbibed from her teachers and the wide spectrum of her musical training and experience.

Alongside her musical journey, Sharoni has been pursuing a career in voice over and TV production, notably working for the news channel TIMES NOW for the past 12 years, recently as Creative Head of Promos and the voice of its flagship show The Newshour. She is married to Anupam Srivastava, a senior Executive Producer at TIMES NOW. He and her two sons Irith and Ahan have been a pillar of support for this initiative.

About the singer Sharoni Sen

Sharoni began her vocal music training when she was five years old. Her first guru was Sunanda Dasgupta, her grandmother, an ex-student of Visvabharati Universit,y who trained with the great Rabindra Sangeet exponent, Shailaja Ranjan Mazumdar. When she turned eleven Sharoni also simultaneously began training in Hindustani Classical vocal music under Pt. Gautam Goswami, son of the eminent vocalist Pt. Sukhendu Goswami in south Calcutta. Thereafter, having shifted to Mumbai, Sharoni completed her diploma in Rabindrasangeet under the tutelage of her aunt Indrani Acharya, an ex-student of Dakhini, who in 1975 founded the Sahana school in Mumbai. Sahana is one of the earliest schools dedicated to the spread of Tagore music set up in the city, and was affiliated to Rabi Tirtha in Kolkata till the demise of its founder Suchitra Mitra, who would evaluate Sahana Diploma students in their final year.

Sharoni also continued her training in classical music from Sangit Mahabharati school founded by Pt Nikhil Ghosh, under the tutelage of Pt Tulika Ghosh of Kirana Gharana. Sharoni is well versed in folk music of North Bengal and Western folk music as well, having developed her interest in both genres thanks to the eclectic musical environment engendered by her parents Mitali and Siddhartha Sen since she was a child. She continues to learn Hindustani Classical music from her guru Pt Tulika Ghosh.

Sharoni has participated as a soloist in numerous cultural programmes hosted by Sahana and other institutions in Mumbai and Delhi like Uttarayan, Shantiniketan Ashramik Association, Mohor, Prangan and Drutam, lending her voice to memorable lead characters in Tagore’s many plays such as Chandalika, Mayar Khela, Balmiki Protibha, as well as adaptations of the same in Hindi. She was recently part of a Rabindrasangeet-Hindustani classical collaboration on Malhar ragas, performing alongside eminent musician Pt Nayan Ghosh, his son Ishan Ghosh and others. Sharoni was recently in the news for having trained Shabana Azmi in Rabindrasangeet for Aparna Sen’s forthcoming film.

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