National Anthem must be played prior to movie show

National Anthem must be played prior to movie show

The Supreme Court of India ordered on Wednesday 29th November, for playing the National Anthem, in the cinema halls, prior to start of movie show on the eve of hearing a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) filed by Shyam Narayan Chowksey, seeking framing guidelines on the play of the National Anthem.

In its order, it said that the anthem would be accompanied by the image of the Tri-colour on the screen and all viewers must mandatorily stand up inside the theatre hall as a sign of respect during the National Anthem. While playing the National Anthem the exit doors must be closed, the apex court also added.

The bench of Justice Deepak Mishra and Justice Amitava Roy, appraised that showing the sign of respect during National Anthem being played in the halls would enable the feeling of constitutional patriotism & nationalism among viewers.

The bench said; “It is the duty of every citizen to abide by ideals ingrained in the constitution and as such show respect to the National Anthem & the National Flag.”

The apex court also barred it from commercial exploitation of the National Anthem.

The bench in its order barred it from dramatization of the anthem & also prevented it from printing on any undesirable objects.

The Court also barred any playing of the modified or edited version of the National Anthem and ordered to enforce in 10 days time.

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