Celebrations begin with Cake Mixing at the Ffort Raichak

Cake Mixing is traditionally done to celebrate the advent of Christmas and the start of winter festivities. It is also considered to be an usher for good tidings and happiness.

Celebrations begin with Cake Mixing at the Ffort Raichak

To usher in the festive season, an elaborate cake mixing ceremony was arranged at The Ffort Raichak, with General Manager Mayukh Ray, Celebrity guests Ushoshi Sengupta along with Lopamudra Mandal Saha and Indroneel Mukherjee. The environment was charged with pre-Christmas cheers and songs playing in the background.

The 100 kilo mixture had an abundant amount of colourful cherries, dates, plums, assorted dry fruits, currants, sultanas, dried figs, glacé cherries, brown sugar, almonds flakes and many more ingredients to incorporate together in the cake mix, and of course the all-important ‘spirit of the season’ in bottles – wine, rum and whiskey etc. was flown in abundance to soak the fruit in. Spices like cardamom, cloves and cinnamon sticks are roasted and added for a rich flavour. “The fresh baked matured tasty plum cake will be available from December onwards,” said Executive Chef Firoz.

Speaking at the event, Ushoshi Sengupta said, “First of all I want to wish Seasonal Greetings to everybody for the coming Christmas and New Year and I hope everyone enjoys. I am really excited. This is one of the first cake mixings of the season for me and I wish everybody lots of happiness.”

Speaking about Raichak on Ganges, she went on to add, “It is a beautiful place. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city it is a nice little escape where you just go unwind and relax and have lots of fun. This is the place where you should come for your Festive break during the winters and during weekends as well!”

The ceremony was followed by lunch hosted by General Manager, Mayukh Ray. “Over the years cake mixing has become a ritual and is an occasion one looks forward to. The ceremony marks the beginning of the New Year celebrations and is believed to bring good luck for the coming year.”

He further added, “The cake mixing kicks off our festivities for the Yuletide. We have a weeklong celebration during December where we will be organizing our flagship Fort Fiesta, which is a celebration with special programs. There will be a lot of guests during that time and everything adds up to the 31st which is a gala night for us.”

Speaking about bringing something new this year, Ray also added, “This year we have started off with something called the pop up bands which is played in our lobby, so with the festivities getting closer we hope to see a lot more wonderful music being played across Ffort Raichak.”

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